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  • Ring Buying Guide
  • Rings are unique among jewelry accessories. The round shape symbolizes love and eternity, the many designs can commemorate almost any special occasion, and you can enjoy the beauty of a ring with every movement of your hand. Most people will own several special rings in their lifetime, wedding ring, school ring, birthstone ring etc. If you are considering buying ring jewelry for yourself or as special gifts, this ring buying guide will provide you with basic information to help you make an informed jewelry buying decision.

    If rings for your collection. Just as with clothing and hairstyles, each person will have a different taste when it comes to ring jewelry. Diamond rings are sparkly and glamorous, while plain silver rings can really make a statement. Consider your lifestyle with shopping for rings. Do you work with your hands? Stainless steel and titanium rings will stand up to years of abuse and look great for a lifetime. Are you on a tight budget? Sterling silver rings are both shiny and affordable. Your wardrobe may also dictate your ring shopping. If you wear a lot of dressy gowns, then diamond jewelry may be the best choice for you. If you keep it simple with jeans and T-shirts, then gold-plated stackable rings might become your favorite accessories.

    If right-hand ring: Every stylish woman needs at least one spectacular diamond ring in her fine jewelry collection. When the time comes to reward you with that piece, consider a diamond right-hand ring. These unique rings celebrate individuality with bold, fashion-forward designs that are full of glittering diamonds set in yellow gold, white gold or platinum. Find your own diamond right-hand ring and make it part of your signature look.

    If birthstones for grownups. Pretty birthstone rings make wonderful gifts for young girls and teenagers, but adults love colorful gemstones, too. For the woman who loves magical color, gemstone rings are available in a variety of elegant designs. If you want an original design, look for vintage jewelry. Vintage estate rings often feature stunning gemstone patterns, cocktail styles and one-of-a-kind appeal.
    If rings for guys. Men's jewelry keeps gaining in popularity with new designs that are sleek and attractive but not overdone. You can enhance your fashion with the traditional men's silver and gold rings, but today's jewelry designs for men offer so much more than the simple signet ring. The contemporary guy also wears tungsten, steel or titanium rings in styles that match his fashion sense. Men's gemstone and diamond rings are also available in a range of trendy selections.

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