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  • Ring Styles Guide
  • Cluster. A grouping of gemstones that forms a compact pattern is called a cluster. The cluster offers the jeweler a creative way to show off multiple gemstones.
    Cocktail ring Similar to a cluster, the cocktail ring features a large pattern of sparkling gemstones. It is sometimes called a dinner ring. Vintage cocktail rings are popular collectibles.
    Eternity: An eternity band features a row of diamonds or other stones that encircles the entire band. The prong and channel settings are most common in these wedding rings.
    Pipe: A pipe ring has a flat surface with straight edges and one width for the entire band.
    Spinner: This ring has two bands, one set on top of the other. The top band spins and often features an attractive geometric pattern.
    Stack: A stack ring features two or more bands that are meant to be worn together.
    Three stone: Most often seen in anniversary and bridal rings, the three-stone diamond ring is symbolic of the past, present and future of love. This style of setting gemstones in a horizontal row is extended to five-, seven- and nine-stone rings.

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