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  • Ring Size Buying Guide
  • Jewelry, just like clothing, looks best when it fits well. Jewelry size and shape changes the look of your fashion and enhances your beauty. Poor-fitting rings are annoying, if not actually painful. With the correct size, you'll hardly feel the jewelry.
    The first step in learning how to buy a ring is to find your ring size. An ill-fitting fashion ring is one of the most uncomfortable of jewelry problems. Tight rings pinch your fingers and chafe your skin, loose fashion rings also irritate the skin with constant friction and are lost easily. When you're choosing between rings for sale, having a ring size and a bit of jewelry knowledge will go a long way. Use our ring size chart and ring shopping tips to choose the perfect pieces of jewelry.
    A ring sizer provides a good estimate of your ring size, which will be handy when you are selecting rings for sale. Use our clever ring size chart to help you decide which size is best for you. If you have a ring that fits well but you can't remember the size, use a string to measure it and measure the string on the sizing chart. To find the most accurate size, measure your fingers in the afternoon or evening when they are at their largest size and remember that cold fingers are smaller than warm fingers. Many people have different sizes on the fingers of opposite hands, so be certain to measure the exact finger where you plan to wear your ring. A finger on the dominant hand is often a half size larger than the same finger on the other hand. If you wear a half size and the ring you want is not available in half sizes, choose the next size larger.
    If you've ever tried on a ring in your size and the band was too snug or too loose, you know that ring style affects the fit. You should consider a smaller size if the ring has a hollow gallery. The gallery is the interior area of the band beneath the setting or ring face. Many gemstone-cluster rings feature a hollow gallery, which lightens the weight of the ring. The hollow gallery, also called an open gallery, allows more room for the ring to slide onto the finger; therefore, these rings slip more than standard solid bands. Order a half-size smaller when purchasing hollow-gallery rings. You should also consider a smaller size if you are buying a comfort-fit band. A comfort-fit band has a contoured inner surface. This design is called comfort fit because less of the band surface touches the skin, making the ring less irritating to the finger. Comfort-fit rings are common wedding band choices; the design slides easily on the finger, so comfort-fit bands run approximately one half-size larger than flat-surface bands. Due to the looser feel of these rings, it is recommended that you order at least a half size smaller than your standard size.

    Just as with smaller sizes, some rings require you to order a larger size. If the ring you are shopping for has a wide band, consider a larger size. A wide-band ring will measure at least six millimeters in width. Order a half-size larger when shopping for rings with wide bands. Some wide rings have a flat band and are called pipe-cut or cigar bands. These rings are popular styles for men's wedding rings and for silver fashion rings. Rings with a high-domed band should also be ordered in a larger size. This ring style features an arc in the metal at the front of the band, creating a bolder look and a larger surface area for decoration. Some of these rings have solid domes or covered galleries, which form more snug-fitting bands; the style requires many people to choose a half-size larger than usual.

    Some ring styles look best on different fingers. Delicate rings, for example, look lovely and demure on your ring finger. Cocktail rings may show better on your middle finger or pointer finger. Large bands can be worn on the thumb for an edgier look; thumb rings are perfect for your men's jewelry collection. Pinky rings are also available. Pinky rings are typically petite and feminine, though many styles are offered to suit a variety of tastes. Knowing the ring sizes for each of your fingers will help you build a well-balanced jewelry collection.

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