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  • Ring Cleaning Guide
  • Prepare a mild cleaning solution of water and a few drops of dish soap.
    Soak metal bands and rings with diamonds and/or gemstones for a few minutes.
    Gently clean the settings with a soft brush; a toothbrush is good.
    Rinse with fresh water and dry rings with a soft, lint-free cloth.
    Avoid soaking pearl rings and rings with soft gemstones; clean with a soft cloth dipped in the cleaning solution and rinse.
    Put on rings after applying lotions and cosmetics.
    Storing and fixing rings:
    Store rings in pouches or in a jewelry box.
    Protect rings by keeping each one in its own slot or compartment.
    Rings with stones and prongs can scratch other jewelry, especially pearls.
    Examine rings often to find loose settings.
    Have a professional jeweler check the settings on gemstone and diamond rings every two years.
    A professional jeweler can tighten the stone settings if necessary.
    Polish silver rings safely at home with commercial silver jewelry cleaners.

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